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Poster: Kurt_Canning_2004 Date: Aug 22, 2004 9:21am
Forum: election_2004 Subject: New Party

Well heres a news article you wont here on C-Span...I Kurt Canning have lost my Centrist Equality nomination because of my religion. being that is riddiculous and i blieve that religion has no place in goverment. I have launched a new party...The NAAP (North American Atheist Party).

I am still Centrist and Hold all of my previous veiws...but now I'm introducing my campaign to my fellow atheists. So thank all of you who support my decision

PS: Just to rub it in the CEP might endorse my first running mate Jason Evans.

Thanks again! Vote Atheist 2004!!!

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Poster: jackgrimes2004 Date: Aug 24, 2004 12:27am
Forum: election_2004 Subject: Re: New Party

My former (late, should I say) friend, Anton LaVey, got tired of all the hypocrisy with conventional religions and the white light occultists of the 60's so he founded his own sect, The First Church of Satan, he called it. That turned a few heads when he did it, most people not knowing SATAN is the barbaric English corrupt name of one of our Roman Gods, thought this bloke was worshipping the Devil.

Oh well, Anton, who was an atheist, got to play the devil or, one of his minions, in some campy horror flicks for over ten years when that sort of film genre was in vogue in Hollywood. He made a bunch of money writing books. As he died rich he probably died happy.

I guess now he knows for sure whether me or him were right about "the Gods". If he was right he doesn't know anything anymore as you just blink out like a lamp going off when you pass on. Sad thought, really.


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Poster: cashel Date: Aug 22, 2004 11:36am
Forum: election_2004 Subject: Re: New Party

Attending a church service is good for health. The long sleep during the sermon relaxes the entire body